What is The Quality in Careers Standard?

The Quality in Careers Standard is the national quality award for careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) in schools, colleges and work-based learning.

The copyright to the Standard is owned by the Quality in Careers Consortium which is governed by an independent and authoritative Consortium Board.

To gain the national Quality in Careers Standard, you must provide sufficient current evidence to demonstrate that you meet all the national quality assessment criteria in your overall CEIAG provision.

The Consortium has appointed a number of Licensed Awarding Bodies to act on its behalf across the country (throughout England – and some also offer services in Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands).

Licensed Awarding Bodies are authorised by the Consortium Board to award the Quality in Careers Standard; some operate nationally, others are more regionally/locally based. Licensed Awarding Bodies may award the Quality in Careers Standard for a set period which may be for up to 3 years (to be determined by the Licensed Awarding Body).

Learning providers are free to choose from the current list of Licensed Awarding Bodies as provided here on our dedicated Quality in Careers website.

To receive and to maintain our licence, Awarding Bodies are required to demonstrate how they fulfil the following to our approved national standards covering:

  • How they assess and accredit the seven national accreditation criteria which address the content and coverage of CEIAG in schools, colleges and work-based learning organisations
  • The detailed assessment processes they apply
  • Their own management systems ensuring that they fulfil all the criteria we require

All of these criteria are set out in full in the Guide to the Quality in Careers Standard.

Schools, colleges and work-based learning organisations are assured that each of these Licensed Awarding Bodies is fully compliant with our national requirements.

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